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Location: Orangeville Day: Thursdays 2024

Location: Erin/Hillsburgh: TBA September Programs 2024

The Art Den presents a keen opportunity for students ages 12+  to develop independence

and self-awareness through fine and creative arts. You will be impressed at how your budding artist

grows while exploring drawing, illustration, paint markers, collage, painting: watercolour and acrylic,

pastels, sculpture, pen & ink, fabric art, assemblage, art journaling, and printmaking!

How Are The Art Den Classes Conducted?

The Art Den provides a unique experience in that students can decide to engage in a group lesson, OR, 

decide to work on a self-directed project based on their individual interests. Whichever your budding 

artist chooses during each class, they will be guided professionally into developing their

artistic techniques and abilities.

The Following Benefits are Directly Related to the Student's Academic Performance:

*Boosted Student Motivation and Confidence

*Improved Student Performance

*Better Understanding of the Student's Own

Strengths and Weaknesses

What is Independent Learning for kids?

*Make Informed Choices on their Own

*Discover and Select their Own Learning Resources

*Formulate their Own problems, Decide their Own Course of Action,

and Reflect on the Process and Outcome

What is the Value of Independent Learning?

An independent learner feels empowered to take charge of their own learning, explore their

interests, and ask meaningful questions.

Not only is this important for children throughout their educational journey, but it's also

a key life skill that will set them up for success in adulthood.

Why it’s Important for kids to Develop Independence:

*Builds Confidence

*Strengthens their Individuality

*Gain Life Skills such as Problem-Solving

*Strengthens their Responsibility

*Encourages Authenticity

*Builds Decision-Making Skills

My daughter has been a student of Tracey's for about a year and a half. The amount that she has grown as an artist is amazing. She began her journey in a youth class that did a lot of painting which she came to discover wasn't really her thing. Tracey has always supported Norah in whatever creative way she wants to grow. Since then she has been teaching her to better her sketching skills and just WOW. To see my kid so passionate and excited about something makes my heart so happy. Tracey has even been excited to help Norah in her passion for costume design. We are so happy to have found her and I can't wait to see what my daughter has in store for us next!
~ Ashley C. / Norah age 12 ~
Orangeville, ON


MAY 2024

Theme: Spring

Projects List:

May 2 - Amazing Insects (mono printmaking)

May 9 - Mystical Masks - Pt. 1 (papier mâché sculpture)

May 16 - Mystical Masks - Pt. 2 (papier mâché sculpture)

May 23 - Wild Hare (wire armature air dry clay sculpture)

May 30 - Tuscany Scenery (acrylic painting on canvas)

JUNE 2024

Theme: Oceanic Mythology

Projects List:

June 6 - The Kraken (pen & ink illustration/graphic design)

June 13 – The Hydra (assemblage)

June 20 – The Kelpie (wire armature clay sculpture)

June 27 – The Siren (watercolour painting and posca markers)


*Summer One-Day Art Workshops TBA

*Ongoing summer classes TBA


Theme: TBA

Projects List: TBA


Theme: TBA

Projects List: TBA


Theme: TBA

Projects List: TBA


Theme: TBA

Projects List: TBA

Would you like your budding artist to try a class before you commit financially? Please contact Tracey below to discuss the potential!
*contact form must contain valid entries

Thanks for submitting!

Please note: prices are subject to change without notice.

Maximum Class Size: 15 spots

Ages: 12+

Materials/Supplies: Student is to supply the basic: HB pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, drawing sketch book (min. size: 8x10). Supplies can be purchased at Dollarama and local art supply stores.


Paint, brushes, canvases, clay, markers, etc., are provided.

Class Attire: Students should dress in mess appropriate clothing and/or bring an old overshirt/sweater/smock or art apron. 

Snacks/Drinks: Students can bring light snacks and a bottle of juice/water if they wish. *Please keep food nut and fish/shellfish free for potential allergies.


Thursdays 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Ricky Schaede Art Studio

5 First Street Unit 3A, Orangeville, ON

L9W 1E1


Please Review Art Class Registration Policies & Procedures Before Purchasing. Thank you.

How to Register:

Please pre-register for all classes to ensure that seats are available.

Please Note: Full payment is required to complete all registrations. 


Bank e-Transfers payments accepted:

*no processing fees applied

Credit/Debit Card payments accepted:

* a 3.02% processing fee has been added to registration prices

Contact: Tracey Walsh

Mobile: 519.278.6036   eMail:


Please Review and Submit the Parent/Guardian Publicity Authorization and Release Form Before Purchasing. Thank you.​

Thanks for submitting!

Contact Tracey

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